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Subject: Re: [akomantoso-xml] RE: Akoma Ntoso as a working /in-progress document

This does raise another issue. Ashok mentions leaving the working document invalid. For some editors, XMetaL in particular, leaving a document invalid isn't really an option. While you can turn validation off in order to perform some tricky operations, typically this is only done in the middle of a command for a very brief period of time. XMetaL simply doesn't like invalid documents. They must be valid at all times. I know from experience, this means that the schema must handle almost all possible states that a document may find itself in aside from the transitory states that occur in the middle of operations.


On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 3:11 AM, Ashok Hariharan <ashok@parliaments.info> wrote:
This question is coming from the discussion in the last tc-meeting.
There was a question raised by Grant (and also I believe Veronique) on
working documents - where all the information may not be available
during some stages of markup (e.g. dateTime period information ) -
some of these are mandatory for the document to be valid. The
conclusion appeared to be that the schema has to accommodate an
unknownDateTime / unknownPeriod attribute setting for such cases ( I
lost the connection towards the end - so i am not sure if there was
further discussion on this ) .    I would also think there are other
use cases of this type which we don't know about yet - what is the
recommended practice in such cases - do we leave the working document
invalid until such information is available  ?

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