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Subject: Re: Tomorrow LegalDocML TC meeting

Dear Eridan,

the idea is to enlarge the concept also to other categories and not only to the <speechGroup>.
I am in favour to your extension in Akoma Ntoso, including the attributes, but we have other general containers to take in care and we have to harmonize it with the whole AK schema.

We have at the same level in <ANcontainer> speech, question, answer, other.

<xsd:group name="ANcontainers">
            <xsd:element ref="speech"/>
            <xsd:element ref="question"/>
            <xsd:element ref="answer"/>
            <xsd:element ref="other"/>
            <xsd:element ref="scene"/>
            <xsd:element ref="narrative"/>
            <xsd:element ref="summary"/>

My idea, and Fabio agrees, is to have a more general container like <speechGroup> (with another more general name) but able to be used also for <answer>, <other>, <question>, etc. Fabio is working on that now and he is able to provide a proposal for the next TC meeting. Can you attend to the next week 5 december?
Finally sorry for today to everybody, but we arrived just few minutes ago from our trip.

Il 28/11/2012 14:32, Otto, Eridan ha scritto:

Dear Monica:

Regarding our last meeting, I agree with the proposal for creating a new element:

<speechGroup by=[ref to person] as=[ref to role of person] refersTo=[ref to participation type]> ...</speechGroup>


You pointed out in our example document, an excerpt having a participation without a speech.


Can you recommend another way to mark up this excerpt, and thus approve the new tag?

I attached a complete example for your analysis.



Best Regards

Eridan Otto G.
BCN, Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional
Jefe de Proyectos
Servicios Digitales
Fono: (5632) 226 3987

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