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Subject: Bills and Acts

There are two document types in Akoma Ntoso which appear intended to cover a wide range of documents - Bills and Acts. I'm having a bit of a difficulty accepting how these two general terms would map into local terms - largely because of the overlap.

The basic model is, I believe, proposed vs. enacted law. A proposed law is a bill and an enacted law is an act. But that over simplifies the documents. In my experience:

Proposed legislation:

Measures might be the general term. I'm not sure if the term measure is applied to enacted law. 
 - Bills
 - Resolutions (Resoluitions are sometime proposed law and sometimes formal expressions of the legislature.)

Sometime the term "bill" is used to describe all types of measures, but that is sloppy use of language rather than correct use of language. 

Enacted Law:

Law is maybe the general term. Depending on the jurisdiction, laws are referred to as:
 - Acts
 - Statutes
 - Ordinances
 - Codes
 - "Titles" in the case of the US Code
 - Constitution

These are all things that are enacted. I am not convinced that you can refer to these all as "acts"

-- Grant
Grant Vergottini
Xcential Group, LLC.
email: grant.vergottini@xcential.com
phone: 858.361.6738

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