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Subject: New release of Akoma Ntoso 3.0 (18 February 2013 - OASIS CSD03)


Please find attached a new release of Akoma Ntoso, dated 18 February 2013. This is the third version of Akoma Ntoso to be submitted and approved by the OASIS LegalDocML Technical Committee. It is also the third draft release for what is meant to become version 3.0 of Akoma Ntoso. 




Differences between release 18/2/2013 (CSD03 AN 3.0) and 6/2/2013 (CSD02 AN 3.0)
This release contains the modifications approved in the OASIS LegalDocML Technical Committee Conference Call of 13th February 2013, to better distinguish the product of legislative assemblies that are of a legislative nature and those that are not. In detail:
·      A new document type has been added, statement, to describe documents that are official outputs of a legislative assembly but are not a normative nature, such as non-binding resolutions, etc.
·      A name attribute has been added to all document types (and not only generic ones) to allow for the specification of a local name for each document. For instance, an act may be called “Act”, “Statute”, “Title”, “Executive Order”, and still be an act.
·      A new element has been added to FRBRWork, FRBRprescriptive, to allow the specification of a boolean value to assert whether the document contains prescriptive content (i.e., content that does or may end up being prescriptive, i.e., legally binding) or not.
·      A new element has been added to FRBRWork and FRBRExpression, FRBRauthoritative, to allow the specification of a boolean value to assert whether this work and/or this expression is authoritative (i.e., its content has been compiled by the body that has the authority to do so) or not.


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