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Subject: Re: [legaldocml] Akoma Ntoso for Italian Senate Bills


thanks to much for this amazing surprise. It is really a big gift for us to see this outstanding outcomes. Moreover the XML files are accessible to everybody. Congrats!


Il 25/02/2013 19:14, carlo.marchetti@senato.it ha scritto:
Dear all,
I'm very proud and glad to announce that - as anticipated in a previous email - since Saturday the 23rd - all the bills that will be published on the Italian Senate website will be available, other than in the usual HTML, PDF, and ePub formats, also in XML, using an Akoma Ntoso compliant scheme.

A first example is available here: http://www.senato.it/japp/bgt/showdoc/16/DDLPRES/691635/index.html (please note the icons in the page header).

For this first release, we mainly concentrated on content representation.

Workflow aspects still need to be addressed within the XML files, and we plan to use the just released linked open data website: dati.senato.it for this purposes.

Please send us any comment you could deem useful to improve what we just released.

Best regards,
Carlo Marchetti


Carlo Marchetti, PhD
Head of Information Systems Development Office
Senato della Repubblica
tel. 0667064581
fax. 0667063495
email: carlo.marchetti@senato.it

Associate professor of Legal Informatics 
School of Law
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna 
C.I.R.S.F.I.D. http://www.cirsfid.unibo.it/ 
Palazzo Dal Monte Gaudenzi - Via Galliera, 3 
I - 40121 BOLOGNA (ITALY) 
Tel +39 051 277217 
Fax +39 051 260782 
E-mail  monica.palmirani@unibo.it 

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