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Subject: Hong Kong Legislation

Hi Everyone,

Sorry this took me a while. Here are some documents which so a few of the issues with the Laws of Hong Kong. These are ordinances rather than bills - the structure differs slightly.

I have either included a PDF of the relevent text when I have it or given a link to the BLIS online version.

Also, I have included a list of terms I gathered from Hong Kong and how I map them to Akoma Ntoso. Feedback please!

Sample Documents:
  Chapter 614: Basic structure
  Chapter 569, s. 27: Interstitial text in a sandwich.
  Chapter 112, s. 40: Complex definition including embedded proviso.
  Chapter 609, s. 10: Adoption of model law: http://www.legislation.gov.hk/eng/home.htm?doc=CurAllEngDoc*B05AD905F0326214-482578150029FD71
  Chapter 525AD, Schedule 2: Subsidiary legislation containing modifications to principle ordinance.

Mapping Hong Kong terms to Akoma Ntoso

Metadata                   <meta>
Table of Contents       <toc>
Main body                 <body>
Provision                   <container> - but their use of the term is very very broad
Level                        <hcontainer>
Number                     <num>
Heading                    <heading>
Subheading               <subheading>
Cross Heading          ?? <heading>
Action                      ?? 
Notes                      <notes>
Note                       <note>
Reference                <ref>
Date                       <date>
Amending Formula   <mod>
Modifying Formula    <mod>
Quoted Text             <quotedText>
Quoted Structure      <quotedStructure>
Columns                  <table>
Bill                          <bill>
Ordinance                <act>
Resolution               <bill> - they have two different notions of a resolution. In this case, I'm concerned with the one that is essentially a bill
Basic Law                <act> - This is their Constitution
Committee Stage Amendment  <amendment>
Document Date        <docDate>
Copyright                 ??
Preamble                 <preamble>
Short Title                <shortTitle>
Long Title                 <longTitle>
Recital                     <recital>
Enacting Formula      <formula>
Citation                     ?? - This is the "will be cited as ..." name in the first section of the bill
Term                        ??
Sandwich                  <container> ??
Preliminary clause      <clause name="preliminary"> - These are clauses after the enacting formula, but before the sections
Clause                       <clause name="section"> - regular clauses in a bill (not preliminary clauses) become sections in an ordinance
Subclause                  <subclause name="subsection"> - regular subclauses in a bill become subsections in an ordinance
Section                      <section>
Subsection                 <subsection>
Part                           <part>
Division                      <division>
Subdivision                 <subdivision>
Chapter                      <chapter>
Article                       <article>
Paragraph                  <paragraph>
Subparagraph             <subparagraph>
Item                          <item>
Rule                          <section name="rule"> - except we found one case where a rule is a level above section and below subdivision (it's own level)
Subrule                     <section name="subrule">
Regulation                 <section name="regulation">
Subregulation            <section name="subregulation">
Order                        <section name="order">
Direction                   <section name="direction">
Definition                  <def>
Proviso                     <hcontainer name="proviso">
CommencementNote  ?? - This is a date or table of date before the main body (after the Long Title)
Annotation                 <note name="annotation"> - this is a history note and includes an embedded reference               
OfficialNote               <authorialNote>
EditorialNote             <note name="editorialNote">
Schedule                  <attachment>/<doc name="schedule">
Explanation               <attachment>/<doc name="explanation">

-- Grant
Grant Vergottini
Xcential Group, LLC.
email: grant.vergottini@xcential.com
phone: 858.361.6738

Attachment: Cap614.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Attachment: Cap569 s27.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Attachment: Cap112 s40 definition for industrial building or structure.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Attachment: Cap525AD sch2.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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