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Subject: Rules, Regulations, and Orders

Hey All,

My action item this morning was to find the origin of the convention to call sections rules within Rules subsidiary legislation. I asked Jeni Tennison in the UK and got a prompt reply.

Apparently this is a tradition that originated in the UK so it's presumably found all over the Commonwealth.

In subsidiary legislation that are rules, sections are called rules.
In subsidiary legislation that are regulations, sections are called regulations.
In subsidiary legislation that are orders, sections are called articles.

It is only within Acts that sections are called sections.

Hong Kong has simplified some of this by dropping the practice in regulations and orders, but it still exists in their legacy documents.

In the UK, they also use the appropriate term in the URL rather than just use "section" or "sec". This is because people that deal with these documents are more familiar thinking of them as "rules", "regulations", or "articles" rather than at "sections"

So there is the answer. It's a widespread thing.

-- Grant
Grant Vergottini
Xcential Group, LLC.
email: grant.vergottini@xcential.com
phone: 858.361.6738

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