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Subject: Re: [legaldocml] Two similar tags: alinea and intro

Dear Grant, 

Il giorno 14/mag/2013, alle ore 20.07, Grant Vergottini ha scritto:

> What is the difference between the <alinea> and <intro> tags? My current understanding seems to make them be the same thing - variously also called a "chapeau" (Canada), an "umbrella" (Canada), "introductory text" (US House), or "top bread" (Hong Kong).

They are not the same thing. 

The 'alinea' tag is a hierarchical element that is called 'alinea' (rather frequent in EU legislation). It belongs to the same family as section, article, paragraph, etc. although it is usually meant for lower hierarchical levels

The 'intro' element, on the other hand, is a (single) optional structure that can be placed at the beginning of a sequence of differently-named element, as introductory text, and concluded by a (single) optional "wrap" element. 

Therefore, their role is completely different. 

> Also, the tag <wrap> seems to be a bit Hollywood slang'ish. Wouldn't <wrapUp> be a bit better. The other terms I have found for this is "continuation text" (US House) or "bottom bread" (Hong Kong).

I have NO OPINION on the best name for tags. If there is consensus for wrapup or continuation or conclusion or theoptionallittlesentenceattheendofalistofstructures, I am completely fine with whatever is chosen. 

> How should a proviso be handled? I've seen cases where there is a wrap up and then if continues with a follow-on paragraph "Providing that...." That seems to be generally called a proviso and amendment language often reads "In the proviso of Section..." Should it have it's own tag?

Can you provide us with an example? 




> -- Grant
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