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Subject: About dates and times

Dear all, 

on the verge of publishing (in an hour or so) a new draft release of Akoma Ntoso, I would like to re-assert my conclusions about the discussion we had last time on the specification of time annotations on dates, and why Grant's solution actually simplifies things a lot. 

First of all, we have to remember that dates and timed dates expressed in a legal text point to a specific point in time. This can be fully expressed (e.g., "1 August 2013 at 0:00 CET") or have implicit parts: almost always the time zone, and very often the actual hour. Sometimes the legislator provides multiple representations for the same point in tie (e.g.: "1 August 2013 at 0:00 (31 July 2013 @ 23:00 UCT)" ). 

It must be remembered that these representation describe (in different ways) a single point in time, which is THE concept that needs disambiguation and formalization through a date element. Therefore, whenever the same point in time is expressed using a multitude of textual representations, only one encompassing date element needs to be used. 

As Grant suggested, the union of elements from the xsd:date and xdd:dateTime predefined simple types works just fine. For this reason, it will be possible, in the date attribute of elements such as date, docDate, etc., to use either a simple date value in the format 


or a full dateTime value in the formats


where YYYY is a four digit year in the Julian calendar, MM is a 1 to 12 number of the month, DD is a 1 to 31 number of the day, hh is a 00 to 23 number for the hour, ss is a 00 to 59 number for the second, and zzzzz is EITHER the letter Z (to signify UTC) or a five letter string to signify the offset of the time zone wrt UTC (thus, +01:00 is CET, -05:00 is EST, etc.). 

I hope we all agree on this




Fabio Vitali                            Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly,
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