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Subject: New release of Akoma Ntoso 3.0 (OASIS CSD05)

Dear LegalDocML TC members,

at 23 July 2013, in the regular LegalDocML TC meeting we have approved the
Akoma Ntoso 3.0 release (with a minor amendment - id attribute in the
toc element) as Working Document.

Please take a look to this link for fining the new version of Akoma Ntoso:


In case you find some missing points, I am kindly asking to post in this
mailing list your doubts, requests, feedbacks.

We suppose to approve this new release as the CSD05 (Committee
Specifications Draft) in the next LegalDocML TC meeting scheduled at
July 30th, 12.30-13.30 EDT.

For passing to CSD05, we need to reach the "Full Majority", and in
any case we prefer to have a large participation of the LegalDocML
members to this significant decision.
For this reason you are kindly and warmly invited to attend the next TC meeting.

The motion that we will vote is the following:
"MOTION: I move that the OASIS LegalDocML TC issue "OASIS Akoma Ntoso
3.0 Version 1.0 Working Draft 06" and its associated XML artifacts
packaged together, as "Akoma Ntoso 3.0 Committee Specification Draft 05"
and further direct the Chairs to perform any actions required by the TC
Administrator to accomplish that issuance as soon as practicable. "

Best regards,

"Full Majority Vote" is a TC vote in which more than 50% (more than
half) of the Voting Members vote "yes", regardless of the number of
Voting Members present in the meeting. Abstentions are not counted. For
example, in a TC in which there are 20 Voting Members, at least 11
Voting Members must vote "yes" for a motion to pass.

LegalDocML has 15 voting members, 20 members without vote, 14 observers,
1 from OASIS staff.

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