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Subject: On the IDs in Akoma Ntoso

Dear all friends,

I try to recap the issues emerged in the recent discussion on the IDs for preparing a good Face2Face meeting.

We have collected different requirements:
  1. to have a permanent ID - e.g. archiving purposes
  2. to have an ID that could be used for linking the fragments of the multilingual documents (art. 3 in France variant should be connect-able in a robust way to the correspondent section 3 in English variant). The ID should be useful for connecting the different linguistic variants (e.g. this helps the translation work), but also for navigating the dynamic normative references like this without know before which languages are available: /eu/act/2013-06-26/2013-37-EU/main#art3
    This link is language independent and it must be equally valid for the English version as the France one.
    We have also the case where a France document refers to an article of the English version of another legal document (e.g. CH, EU) and in this case we use the virtual link that forces the dynamic link limited to English version: /eu/act/2013-06-26/2013-37-EU/:eng/main#art3
  3. to have an ID that could maintain the connection with the textual fragment in the current version of the text - e.g. for favouring the NLP tools to detect the normative reference, to have correspondence with the text, etc.
  4. to have an ID for managing the renumbering of the structure and in general to manage the modifications (e.g. insertion of new section/article)
  5. to have an ID policy for the <documentCollection>. If a documentCollection includes different bills, reports, docs generated separately (e.g. by different committees, in different periods), when they enter in the <documentCollection> (e.g. reused from the same administration for composing another work), there is a conflicting problem among same IDs (e.g. two art3 or sec3, the same problem there is also for the references block where we define the TLC).
  6. to have an ID for permitting to store the legcacy system ID.

Do I miss some issue? If so please integrate for Friday 6th.

This list doesn't mean to have 6 IDs, the challenge is to find the proper policy for covering all those requirements and minimize as much as possible the number of IDs.

I am confident that in the next LegalDocML TC Face2Face meeting in Ravenna, Friday 6th 11,30 EDT time we are able to find THE solution.
For this reason please fix this appointment in your agenda and try to join to us using, as usual, the Adobe Connecting tool.


Associate professor of Legal Informatics 
School of Law
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna 
C.I.R.S.F.I.D. http://www.cirsfid.unibo.it/ 
Palazzo Dal Monte Gaudenzi - Via Galliera, 3 
I - 40121 BOLOGNA (ITALY) 
Tel +39 051 277217 
Fax +39 051 260782 
E-mail  monica.palmirani@unibo.it 

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