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Subject: documents sample with documents include inside the content of another document

Hello everybody

First of all, I wish everybody all the best for 2014, happiness and success.

You can find hereafter two examples of document that contains inside his body, the original _expression_ of another document
  • the first one is the annex to a motion for a resolution that contains a proposal for a regulation.
  • the second one is a motion for a resolution that contains inside a point of a list of the first paragraph, a list of amendments (called "modification") to another document.  After this list of amendments, is the second paragraph of the resolution.  For these amendments, it is always the original version.

So, for these examples, the <extractStructure> is not the correct markup as it is not the "extract from another document".

Kind regard

Véronique Parisse

AUBAY Luxembourg

Orco House
38, Parc d’activités - L-8308 Capellen
Standard : +352 2992501
Fax : +352 299251


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