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Subject: Akoma Ntoso Samples

Dear Monica, Fabio, et al,

 As promised last week, here are my Akoma Ntoso sample files. There are 5 files:

1) Hong Kong Ordinance -- Chapter 614
    * This is the ordinance that creates the project in Hong Kong that
I work on.
    * It is an enacted act, typed as an ordinance.
    * It contains multiple versions and lots of temporal data
    * It has a few multilingual aspects as well.
    * It contains a fairly well developed metadata section.

2) California Bill -- Assembly Bill 19 of 2013-14
    * This bill calls for an Internet voting pilot project.
    * It is an amended bill, type as an assembly bill
    * It contains a single version with a few examples of redlining.
    * It also contains an extensive metadata section.

3) California Amendment -- 3rd Amendment to AB 19 above.
    * This amendment contains the instructions that produced the bill in 2).
    * It is a simple amendment.
    * California amendments are composed of a series of "instruction".
I had to be creative to achieve this in a manner that would validate.

4) California Resolution -- House Resolution 19 of 2013-14
    * This resolution recognizes International Surfing Day (hey, we're
Californians and we have our priorities!)
    * It is an amended statement document, typed as a house resolution.
    * It has an extensive, but simple, preface.

5) U.S. Code -- Chapter 3 of Title 9.
    * This is an extraction, so it is modeled as a "fragment".
    * It is quite simple and doesn't contain any temporal or
modification information.
    * The metadata is kept minimal. (I'm getting tired)

I hand crafted all these files over the past three days and nights --
so don't be surprised to find typos. Sorry in advance for those. I did
try to be careful to ensure that I followed the identifier naming
conventions and the "/akn" referencing convention -- but I did have to
be creative at times.

As I developed these 5 files, I realized that my understanding of
Akoma Ntoso was weak in a number of areas. I completed them,
nonetheless, to the best of my ability. I would appreciate any
feedback and corrections.

However, I was able to model everything I threw at Akoma Ntoso --
without too many contortions. It's not perfect yet, but it is quite
usable now.

-- Grant
Grant Vergottini
Xcential Group, LLC.
email: grant.vergottini@xcential.com
phone: 858.361.6738

Attachment: Akoma Ntoso Samples.zip
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