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Subject: URI-URL and fragments

Today in the LegalDocML TC we discussed the fragment syntax in the Akoma Ntoso URI. Fragment definition see http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986

There are two problems:

a) fragment type document: Grant uses fragment type document <fragment> for fragmenting the US CODE in different physical files but logically belonging to the same unique work and expression (positive law titles are work).

The problems:
a.1.) how to nominate the manifestation level of the <fragment> file?
<fragment> exist only at manifestation level
For this reason the fragment work, expression, manifestation are the follow:
/akn/us/act/uscode/title9/ is the work
/akn/us/act/uscode/title9/eng@2014-01-10/ is the expression
/akn/us/act/uscode/title9/eng@2014-01-10/main.akn#chp_3 is the manifestation

a.2.) Section 301 belongs to this file.
A reference to sec_301 in the XML file is in this format:
however the fragment part of the URI chp_3__sec_301 can be lost in the HTTP protocol
For this reason Grant convert it in:
<a href="www.usc.grantresolver.gov/akn/us/act/uscode/title9/eng@2014-01-10/main.akn~chp_3__sec_301"> for not lost the fragment part (chp_3__sec_301).

When the resolver receives this URI www.usc.grantresolver.gov/akn/us/act/uscode/title9/eng@2014-01-10/main.akn~chp_3__sec_301, it understands which physical <fragment> file to dereference using the chp_3__sec_301

The problem is that: if the reference comes from external legal sources written in native Akoma Ntoso syntax www.usc.grantresolver.gov/akn/us/act/uscode/title9/eng@2014-01-10/main.akn#chp_3__sec_301 the resolver has not change to understand the chp_3__sec_301 part because it is retained by the client and not transmitted to the server.

b) Veronique has similar problem but at work level.
External source reference like the follow:
"art_45" doesn't arrive to the resolver server.

Proposal: to use ~ for expressing fragments inside of the AKN URI.



Associate professor of Legal Informatics
School of Law
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
C.I.R.S.F.I.D. http://www.cirsfid.unibo.it/
Palazzo Dal Monte Gaudenzi - Via Galliera, 3
Tel +39 051 277217
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