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Subject: New release of Akoma Ntoso 3.0 (17 September 2015 - OASIS WD16)


Please find attached the new release of Akoma Ntoso, dated 17 September 2015. This is another draft release for what is meant to become version 3.0 of Akoma Ntoso. 




Differences between release 17/09/2015 (WD16 AN 3.0) and 10/09/2015 (WD15 AN 3.0)
This release contains minor modifications arisen during the face to face meeting in Ravenna on September 11, 2015. In particular:
* A new optional attribute, inlineQuote, has been added in quotedText and quotedStructure to allow for the specification of the character of a continuation quote in some jurisdictions where each individual line of a quoted part (e.g., the text of an insertion) starts with its own quote.
* Element notes can now specify the human language (attribute xml:lang) or its whole content, without having to specify it in each individual note element
* Element componentBody has now a full set of attributes (attribute group coreopt) similarly to the bodies of all the other document types.


Fabio Vitali                                          The sage and the fool
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Univ. of Bologna  ITALY                               alike in this respect:
phone:  +39 051 2094872                  both believe the sage to be a fool.
e-mail: fabio@cs.unibo.it                  Where, then, may wisdom be found?
http://vitali.web.cs.unibo.it/   Qi, "Neither Yes nor No", The codeless code

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