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Subject: Testing the syntax of Akoma Ntoso URIs

Dear all, 

I prepared a simple tool to test how my Akoma Ntoso URI resolver (version 3.0 alpha) parses and understands arbitrary Akoma Ntoso URIs. 

You can find it at http://akresolver.cs.unibo.it/examples/AKN.html

On purpose, this page only provides the parsing, and not the resolution, of the URIs you request. The parsing is, as much as I understand, complete and working. The resolution, on the other hand, still depends on the syntax of the Item associated to the URIs, and need case-by-case mappers that still do not exist. 

The page at the address above lists some examples I invented, and all the examples that Monica listed in her mail dated November 20, 2015 (with some errors found by Veronique for which I propose a correction). 

Please use it freely, inform me of any problem you may find, and provide me with additional examples that you wish to see listed. 




Fabio Vitali                                          The sage and the fool
Dept. of Informatics                                     go to their graves
Univ. of Bologna  ITALY                               alike in this respect:
phone:  +39 051 2094872                  both believe the sage to be a fool.
e-mail: fabio@cs.unibo.it                  Where, then, may wisdom be found?
http://vitali.web.cs.unibo.it/   Qi, "Neither Yes nor No", The codeless code

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