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Subject: A new cut of the Naming Convention

Dear all,

please find enclosed, as promised a new cut of the Akoma Ntoso Naming Convention. 

The only real modification is the specification of the "/!component~portion" syntax with the added slash at the beginning, as I proposed in my last mail, but the text has been thoroughly re-read, re-organized and modified. I kept change tracking on, but there are a lot of modifications anyway. 

Now the document makes sense, and there is a kind of homogeneity in the way the prose runs from topic to topic. Also, all discussions about components has been moved to single section 4.7, and all discussions about portions is in section 4.9, and a new section for local references (e.g., compact references) appears now as section 4.9. 

I am not very sure that the section 6) Conformance now still has the appropriate numbers. I would like Monica and everybody else to check it out. 

Except for this, in my opinion the document is now ready to go out. 




Fabio Vitali                                          The sage and the fool
Dept. of Informatics                                     go to their graves
Univ. of Bologna  ITALY                               alike in this respect:
phone:  +39 051 2094872                  both believe the sage to be a fool.
e-mail: fabio@cs.unibo.it                  Where, then, may wisdom be found?
http://vitali.web.cs.unibo.it/   Qi, "Neither Yes nor No", The codeless code

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