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Subject: New release of Akoma Ntoso 3.0 (15 October 2016 - WD17 with errata - 2nd output)


Please find attached the new release of Akoma Ntoso, dated 15 October 2016. Very few changes to the schema were performed, and mostly to the documentation. For this reason there is no change in the namespace. This is another draft release for what is meant to become version 3.0 of Akoma Ntoso. 




This is the first release in which the initial part of the Release Notes has been completely removed, since its content has been fully included in other parts of the official Akoma Ntoso documentation. The release notes now only contains the list of differences from previous releases.

A few comments and bug fixes were performed on the schema according to warnings by a number of individuals and institutions. These include:

* Inline element opinion has been moved from group AKHeaderInline to group AKInline, with no practical effect on its availability but suggesting it can be used not just in headers but anywhere a difference in opinion between actors is mentioned. Attribute by is now available in this element to specify the actor that is expressing the opinion itself.
* Element keyword now allows refersTo attribute pointing to TLCTerm instances.
* References in reference metadata container now do not allow attribute refersTo anymore, to stress that references are destinations of refersTo rather than sources.
* Content model for element otherReferences in the analysis section of the metadata now contain implicitReference and alternativeReference elements rather than a generic source element, to stress that they can be used for expressing either a legal reference not explicitly mentioned in the text, or alternative syntaxes for the URI specified in the actual reference.
* Elements authorialNote and note now share the same content model, as obvious.
* Documentation for ref and FRBRthis now avoids mentioning the Akoma Ntoso Naming Convention
* Typos in documentation about elements block, eventRef, element groups manifProperties and ANtitleInline, and attribute group quote have been fixed.


Fabio Vitali                                          The sage and the fool
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http://vitali.web.cs.unibo.it/   Qi, "Neither Yes nor No", The codeless code

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