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Subject: New release of Akoma Ntoso 3.0 (29 January 2017 - WD17 with errata - 4th output)


Please find attached the new release of Akoma Ntoso, dated 29 January 2017. No changes to the schema were performed, only to the documentation. For this reason there is no change in the namespace. This is another draft release for what is meant to become version 3.0 of Akoma Ntoso. 




Modifications in release 29 January 2017 (WD17 AN 3.0 with errata - 4th output)
There are no modifications in the schema for this release. There are only fixes and better explanations in the documentation of the following structures of the schema:

* Element statement
* Element longTitle
* Elements blocklist, listIntroduction, item, and listWrapUp
* Element FRBRUri
* Elements implicitReference and alternativeReference.


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