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Subject: RE: UNGA Challenge - Akoma Ntoso semantically annotated

Dear Monica,
First of all congratulations to you and the UNIBO-CIRSFID team for this achievement.

You know that the European Parliament was an early adopter of - and contributor to - Akoma Ntoso which is now being used to model our parliamentary documents and unleash the potential to work with semantically structured XML text. 
What you achieved further validates our initial choice and the decision made by the Interinstitutional Metadata and Formats Committee to use LegalDocML to achieve interoperability in the context of the Ordinary Legislative Procedure.



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Subject: [legalxml-ms] UNGA Challenge - Akoma Ntoso semantically annotated

Dear friends,

it is a pleasure to announce that UNIBO-CIRSFID won the first position 
in the UNGA Challenge "Automatic Information Extraction and Knowledge 
Elicitation" [1,2,3] where the main goal was to extract knowledge from 
the UN General Assembly resolutions and to convert the documents, 
semantically annotated, in OASIS Akoma Ntoso standard [4].

The solution is available here [5].

Twitters from UN here [6,7].

For OASIS Akoma Ntoso is a significant proof-of-concept that 
demonstrates its applicability, flexibility, interoperability and 

Best regards,

[2] https://uniteideas.spigit.com/unga-resolutions/Page/ViewIdea?ideaid=1327
[3] https://uniteideas.spigit.com/unga-resolutions/Page/Home
[5] https://gitlab.com/CIRSFID/un-challange-2019
[6] https://twitter.com/UN_UniteIdeas/status/1140675958346780673
[7] https://twitter.com/UN_CITO/status/1140650434815766531

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