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Subject: Court Documents

LegalDocument and LegalRuleML TCs:


The LegalXML ECF TC will have our annual face to face meeting September 29 in Columbus, OH in conjunction with the Court Technology Conference. Now that LegalDocument and LegalRuleML have both advanced in the standards process, I have been asked to put a discussion of adding specific support for court documents on the agenda. 


As you probably know, the ECF TC has focused on the metadata necessary for the filing and review of documents but have left the structure and rules for particular documents out of scope with the understanding that LegalDocument and LegalRuleML TCs would eventually tackle these area.  My questions for you are:


  1. Do you have some any examples of structures and/or rules for court documents that I could share with the ECF TC as an example of what is now possible with LegalDocument and LegalRuleML?
  2. Are there specific use cases we should consider for combining the use of the ECF, LegalDocument and/or LegalRuleML specifications?
  3. Do you have any suggestions to the ECF TC of what improvements to the ECF specifications would better support the exchange of court documents or rules?


On behalf of the ECF TC, we would appreciate any suggestions you might have for us.


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Jim Cabral

Vice President, Court Relations


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