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Subject: Typos nel documento ufficiale della AKN Naming Convention


As promised, here is a list of problems I encountered while examining closely the examples of the current version of the AKN Naming Convention. 

Number of work
> Number or title or other disambiguating feature of the Work (when appropriate, otherwise optionally the string nn). For an Akoma Ntoso XML representation, this value MUST correspond to the content of element <FRBRnumber> or <FRBRname>, respectively, in the metadata (required when necessary for disambiguation, optional otherwise).

I now object to work number being optional. When missing, the parser would not know when to start identifying the expression-level features. I suggest making it required, and to use 'nn' when no number or disambiguating feature can be found. 

Thus, the examples:
> [http://www.authority.org]/akn/dz/debaterecord/2004-12-21 [http://www.authority.org]/akn/dz/debaterecord/2004-12-21/fra@.doc

must be fixed as follows: 
[http://www.authority.org]/akn/dz/debaterecord/2004-12-21/nn [http://www.authority.org]/akn/dz/debaterecord/2004-12-21/nn/fra@.doc

Original and current expressions
> [http://www.authority.org]/akn/sl/act/2004-02-13/2/eng
> Sierra Leone enacted Legislation. Act number 2 of 2004.  English version, current version (as accessed today [according to the reader])
> [http://www.authority.org]/akn/sl/act/2004-02-13/2/eng@
> Sierra Leone enacted Legislation. Act number 2 of 2004.  English version, original version

I remembered we decided differently: 
* [http://www.authority.org]/akn/sl/act/2004-02-13/2/eng@   points to the original expression, while
* [http://www.authority.org]/akn/sl/act/2004-02-13/2/eng:   points to the current expression (today), and
* [http://www.authority.org]/akn/sl/act/2004-02-13/2/eng    is an error.

My parser NEEDS to find either a : or a @. Without them the parser cannot end the processing of the IRI. 

View date ranges
In the text of the Naming Convention there is no discussion about view ranges, it is only mentioned in one example. 
> [http://www.authority.org]/akn/it/act/2005-03-07/82/eng:2010-01-01->2015-12-31
> Italian enacted Legislation. Act number 82 of 2005-03-07.  Dynamic reference to any of the Italian versions valid within the interval January 1st 2010 to December, 31st 2015.

I would like to have a confirmation about the syntax, I remembered "-" but actually "->" makes sense and I like it a lot. 

Order of content date and content source
Consider the example: 
> http://www.auth.org/akn/sl/act/2004-02-13/2/eng@2004-07-21/officialpublisher

In the example, the content authoring information comes immediately after the version date. On the other hand, the grammar expects first a content-specification date and then the content authoring information. There are good reasons for this. 

As it is now, this example is invalid: the parser cannot decide whether it is an expression authoring information or a manifestation authoring information. 

Also: there is auth.org instead of authority.org. Non a problem, but I would fix it to be the same as ALL the other examples. 

To correct it, we must decide that 'officialpublisher' is either an expression-level or manifestation-level feature, and add a bit of information in both cases: 
* either [http://www.authority.org]/akn/sl/act/2004-02-13/2/eng@2004-07-21/officialpublisher.akn   
  (officialpublisher is a manifestation-level markup authoring information, and I added a format)
* or [http://www.authority.org]/akn/sl/act/2004-02-13/2/eng@2004-07-21/2004-07-21/officialpublisher
  (officialpublisher is an expression-level content authoring information, and I added a content specification date)

Similarly, in example: 
> [http://www.authority.org]/akn/it/bill/2004-02-13/C245/ita@2/official/2004-02-15/publisher/!annex_1.pdf
> Italian bill number C245 as of 2004-02-13, second version, official expression, manifestation released on 2004-02-15 by publisher in pdf format.

the 'official' feature is meant as an expression-level feature. My parser recognizes it, but as a manifestation-level markup identifier. I have no clear idea of how to fix it. I will make a proposal in time for the next meeting. Also, I do not like that the version identifier is a number. It messes with my date-recognition parser, but I believe this is my problem and that I can fix it. 

In example: 
> [http://www.authority.org]/akn/UN/doc/standard/FAO/1981/CODEXSTAN33-1981/

there is a final slash. The current syntax for works ends just before the slash, which is only allowed if you continue with expression-related items. 
correct: [http://www.authority.org]/akn/UN/doc/standard/FAO/1981/CODEXSTAN33-1981

In example: 
> [http://www.authority.org]/ /akn/uy/bill/ejecutivo/carpeta/2005-04-04/137-2005/esp@2005-05-02T13:30:00-03:00

there are two slashes and a space. 
correct: [http://www.authority.org]/akn/uy/bill/ejecutivo/carpeta/2005-04-04/137-2005/esp@2005-05-02T13:30:00-03:00

In example
> [http://www.authority.org]/akn/eu/bill/DIR/CONSIL/2013/COM(2013)344/eng@final_2
there is no bold



P.S. Hastily translated and sent while I have it in mind. Sorry for the errors, there will be plenty. 


Fabio Vitali                                          The sage and the fool
Dept. of Informatics                                     go to their graves
Univ. of Bologna  ITALY                               alike in this respect:
phone:  +39 051 2094872                  both believe the sage to be a fool.
e-mail: fabio@cs.unibo.it                  Where, then, may wisdom be found?
http://vitali.web.cs.unibo.it/   Qi, "Neither Yes nor No", The codeless code

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