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legalruleml message

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Considering that:
- LegalRuleML TC charter is an official document and it sets up the TC roadmap
and purposes;
- the scope of LegalRuleML is basically defined by the charter;
- the roadmap is under responsability of the chairs in front of the Board of
- the OASIS wiki is a public platform accessible to the OASIS members but also
from NON-members;
- the OASIS LegalRuleML TC mailing list is accessible by the OASIS members and
managed only by the LegalRuleML TC members;
- the OASIS LegalRuleML TC mailing list is one of the main tool used by all the
people with different background, platform, digital skills;

The Chairs propose the following procedure to work on the topics in the scope
of the TC.

1. any topic in the index of the approved "official document" is a topic to be
developed and discussed by the TC;
 2. members of the TC can select some topic and they provide a draft text
called "technical note"; a document discussing the topic should be uploaded on the kavi repository of the TC (in the Documents folder); the naming convention
to be used is <Section Number in the Working Draft><Topic Name><version
number>.<extension>  where the version number is a 3 digit figure (starting
from 001). (example: 2.1.1defeasible.001)
The member should post an announcement to the OASIS LegalRuleML TC mailing list
to announce the upload of the document.
3. other members can comments either by using the OASIS LegalRuleML TC mailing list or by creating and uploading a comment document, amending the "technical
note". The naming convention for comment documents is<Section Number in the
Working Draft><Topic Name><version number>.<comment version
number>.<extension>. (example: 2.1.1defeasible.001.001)
Where the version number refers to the document the comments refers to and the
version comment number is a progressive number using the same format at the
version number.
4. the chairs and the secretaries have the responsibility to consolidate the
new version of the "technical note" within two days from the official TC
meeting, they propose the "technical note" for the voting in the next TC
5. when the OASIS LegalRuleML TC approves the "technical note", it enters into
the official working draft document that is in word.
6. after this process any refinement, readjusting, corrections or minor changes
are possible.

Definition of official documents: an official document is a document required
by the chairs to the OASIS staff by the official web site
http://www.oasis-open.org/resources/tc-admin-requests for the assignement of an
IRI and a template. The official documents are fundamental steps for the
correct process in OASIS.

All the best.
Monica and Guido
Chairs of the LegalRuleML OASIS TC

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