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Subject: RE: [legalruleml] Specifications and Namespace

Dear Monica, Guido, and All,

Before specifying which tags belong to the lrml namespace [*], let us first
have a look at the big picture.

Monica created one on May 20, 2012, as a variant of Harold's earlier diagram
which is oriented so that the higher layers _use_ the lower layers:

>>About the relationship between RuleML and LegalRuleML, I would like to
start from your very nice representation:

                                 ---- LegalRuleML ----
                                /   /      |      \    \
             -------------------   /       |       \    Ontologies
            /                     /        |        \
Deontic RuleML  Defeasible RuleML   Temporal RuleML  \
             \        |             /             \   \
                Deliberation RuleML                 Reaction RuleML

I think that deontic topic needs (in legal domain) more verticalization
and less neutrality and genericity, as well as the legal temporal issues.
A possible refinement could be:

                                 ---- LegalRuleML ----
                                /   /      |      \    \
             -------------------   /       |       \    LegalRuleML Metadata
            /                     /        |        \      \      \        \
      Deontic                    /         |         \     sources authors normsQualification
     LegalRuleML  Defeasible RuleML     Temporal      \       \
           \           |  \           LegalRuleML      \     jurisdiction
            \          |   LegalRuleML/         \       \
             \         | argumentation           \       \
              \        |            /             \       \
                Deliberation RuleML                 Reaction RuleML

Note that "jurisdiction", in my vision, could be expressed also with
"Deliberation RuleML" when the jurisdiction is a rule (if X is citizen
of Y and X is resident in Z, than jurisdiction is UE), rather than a
fact (UE by law).<<

In both variants, LegalRuleML is the top-level component which is:

1) layered on the foundation of Deliberation RuleML and Reaction RuleML
as well as their reusable Deontic, Defeasible, and Temporal extensions;

2) cross-connected with Ontologies or very rich LegalRuleML Metadata that
are supported by sources, authors, and normQualifications.

The Deliberation RuleML 1.0 and Reaction RuleML 1.0 specifications as
well as the specifications of Deontic, Defeasible, and Temporal RuleML
need all be horizontal standards in support of, e.g., LegalRuleML plus
existing & future vertical OASIS standards.

The RuleML Initiative, focusing on 1), has achieved the Deliberation and
Reaction RuleML foundation, and is now finishing the Defeasible RuleML
extension. It has recently resumed work on Modal (including Deontic)
RuleML, where requirements from LegalRuleML for the deontic logic are
treated with the highest priority.

Temporal RuleML should be developed from its two roots in Deliberation
and Reaction RuleML, and fulfill the requirements of legal time notions.
The RuleML Initiative is happy to first develop the temporal extension
required for LegalRuleML, and later broaden it to other needed temporal

In the remaining months of the TC, there is much work to be done on 2)
and the LegalRuleML top-level component. Hence this synergetic division
of labor will give us the desired OASIS LegalRuleML results and maximum

Best regards,
Harold and Adrian

[*] Overrides had been introduced for Courteous and Defeasible RuleML.
    @key and @keyref were introduced in Reaction RuleML.

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Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 10:40 AM
To: legalruleml@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Chet Ensign
Subject: [legalruleml] Specifications and Namespace

Dear all,

we need to specify in our examples, including whose we have approved the
last TC (Friday June 30th), which tags belong to the lrml namespace and
which were already present in RuleML before the institution of this
LegalRuleML TC.

All the ideas, requirements, needs arisen in the LegalRuleML TC
discussion and not present previously in RuleML or in Reaction Rule,
concur to build the LegalRuleML specifications, following the IPR issue

lrml:keyref (anyURI)

Best regards,
Monica and Guido

Associate professor of Legal Informatics
School of Law
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
C.I.R.S.F.I.D. http://www.cirsfid.unibo.it/
Palazzo Dal Monte Gaudenzi - Via Galliera, 3
Tel +39 051 277217
Fax +39 051 260782
E-mail  monica.palmirani@unibo.it

5 per mille all'Università di Bologna - C.F.: 80007010376

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