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Subject: Re: [legalruleml] Example repository

I am using the RDF as an intermediary between the meta-model (which is expressed in RDFS, but could be expressed in many other forms or in mathematical English) and LegalRuleML.

It is not my intention that RDF be considered a base representation, and these files (with extensions .nt, .rdf and .xml) do not need to be released when a tag is created. They are part of the development process, not deliverables.

TIP:The file extension is the clue to watch for- when we have files with a .lrml extension, that will be an actual LegalRuleML document, or at least a proposal for what should be a LegalRuleML document.

However, using RDF as an intermediary has the free bonus that it is clear how to represent some of the information, in this case the metadata, in RDF.

The principles document 1.2PRINCIPLES.00x.doc includes the statement
"Mapping: Investigate the mapping of LegalRuleML metadata to RDF triples for favoring Linked Data reuse, and the relationships between LegalRuleML and XACML. "

In any case it will not be possible at this point to have a pure RDF base representation for LegalRuleML because there will be embedded RuleML/extended RuleML, and there is not at this point an RDF-based representation of RuleML. It is debatable whether it is even desirable to have an RDF representation for RuleML, although it has been suggested by some. But the development of an RDF representation for RuleML is certainly out of scope for the LegalRuleML TC.

Getting back to the repository upload, my purpose is to emphasize the meta-model. It is my opinion that the lack of attention to a meta-model is the reason we have been making slow progess so far. There is confusion and disagreement at the level of the meta-model which affects the different approaches to the syntax. I think it would be much more productive to get these confusions and disagreements straightened out at the meta-model level, and then it will be very quick to create a syntax that is acceptable to everyone, as I have tried to demonstrate here.


On 7/14/2012 2:15 AM, Guido Governatori wrote:
Dear Tara,

thank for having created the structure of the repository, and the initial example(s).  The XML example looks really good (as you wrote in you comments there a few issues that need to be solved).

I'm a bit puzzled by the rdf examples. The TC never discussed the use of rdf for the base representation (and also it is not in the scope of the TC). It seems to me that they could generate confusion about the scope of the TC and the actual content of the standard.

All the best

Prof Guido Governatori
Associate Education Director and Principal Researcher
Queensland Research Laboratory

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