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legalruleml message

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Subject: LegalRuleML namespace

I have located the OASIS policy on XML namespaces.


According to my reading, the LegalRuleML namespace must comply with the following:

"An XML namespace name identified by an HTTP scheme URI reference must conform to the pattern:



For example,


(date is that of the first LegalRuleML TC meeting)

As I start to develop more examples and schemas, there will be more and more files that use the LegalRuleML namespace.
Up to now I have been using a blatantly temporary namespace, like


I would like to start using an official LegalRuleML namespace, so that I don't have to go back and change large numbers of files at a later date.
May I suggest that we use the mailing list to choose a namespace?

My personal preference is for the namespace with date, as that allows the namespace to stay the same through several versions as long as the versions are backward compatible.


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