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legalruleml message

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Subject: LegalRuleML and RuleML relationship

Dear Chet and Jamie,

the TC would like to discuss with you the IPR issues of the LegalRuleML TC and in particular the cooperation with RuleML.

The main issue is to find a good agreement for defining the correct process for migrating the outcomes from LegalRuleML to RuleML without produce side effects in the LegalRuleML OASIS process and considering to respect the IPR&legal issues.

The next TC meeting is planned at 8th August, 3.30pm-4.30pm EDT.
We kindly invite you to attend to the regular TC meeting in order to help us in this topic.

Many thanks in advance,
Monica and Guido
on behalf of the TC

Associate professor of Legal Informatics
School of Law
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
C.I.R.S.F.I.D.http://www.cirsfid.unibo.it/ Palazzo Dal Monte Gaudenzi - Via Galliera, 3
Tel +39 051 277217
Fax +39 051 260782
E-mailmonica.palmirani@unibo.it ====================================

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