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Subject: Some notes for today


I have tried to model some examples using the temporal model.
In my opinion inside to the TimeCharateristics block we have to add new tags for capturing:
- temporal model (discrete or linear): proposal lrml:TimeMode
- granularity (second, day, etc.): proposal lrml:TimeGranularity
- if the interval is open or close or infinite, [t1, t4] or [t1, t4[
- how to distinguish a date per-se and a date that start an infinite interval? [t1] or [t1, infinite[?
- duration


1. "The document entered into force immediately."
Problem: we have to capture the time and the date and this datetime is relevant for the criminal law and for checking if a such crime enter in to the "temporal window" of validity of the law.
How to say that the time is important and not only optional?

2. "This title takes effect 6 months after the date of the publication of this Act."
Problem: to model the duration using a well-know tag and not simply
<ruleml:Data xsi:type="xs:duration">P5Y2M10D</ruleml:Data>
In case we have
<ruleml:Data xsi:type="xs:dateTime>2012-10-02T10:45:34-00:00</ruleml:Data>
<ruleml:Data xsi:type="xs:duration">P5Y2M10D</ruleml:Data>
I have also xs:duration as only one way to express this information and this is not mandatory but just leave to the end-user. Better to have a specific lrml:duration xsi:type="xs:duration"

3. "On the 1st of April this year, the new Consumer Protection Act comes into effect."
Infinite interval starting from 1-04-2012
"Order to suspend the traffic at 1 April 2012."
How to distinguish these two cases?

4."The consumer must present the application form within 31/12/2012".
It means in legal domain, often, that the endPoint is 30/12/201211.59.59.
But in the legal text we have only "31-12-2012" (e.g. captured with NLP tools). How to integrate this information with the nature of the interval (open on the endPOint)?

I would be apprentice very much if the TC can take in consideration my requests and provide a concrete proof-of-concept how it is possible to manage the problem presented respecting the isomorphism principles.


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