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Subject: review of metamodel

I have attached a spreadsheet that I created while I was refreshing my memory about what was in our metamodel and how it related to the current LegalRuleML syntax. There has been little drift in this part of the work, so everything appears to be pretty much in alignment.

I only had a few questions:

1. "Roles" : we introduced these for authors, editors etc because a person could fill more than one kind of role with respect to different documents. However ontologically, the same distinction applies to authorities and jurisdictions. (I think Adam mentioned this earlier.) "Italy" could play the role of a jurisdiction in one reference, and a location of some event in another reference. I don't think we need to modify anything, we just need to recognize and address issues that may arise, such as the spatial extent may be context-dependent (e.g. maritime issues) and are certainly time-dependent.
2. LegalStatements & Constitutive, etc, Statements
We have not clarified the relationship between the metamodel category we call "LegalStatement", with corresponding LegalRuleML element lrml:LegalSource, and these "Statement" elements that wrap Rules. We may have talked about this at some point, but I don't remember the outcome.

3. "Legal Source" is really a role that may be played by a legal statement, is it not? So concerns similar to those in #1 apply.

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