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Subject: Re: [legalruleml] Glossary Document revision

On 3/7/14 11:07 PM, Guido Governatori wrote:
On 8 Mar 2014, at 9:43 am, Tara Athan <taraathan@gmail.com> wrote:

Attached are some minor changes to the Glossary document.

I have transferred all of these Node definitions into the schema and committed.

There is just one mismatch - we have no definition for the Overrides element, and a definition of OverridesStatement that probably should refer to an Overrides. Like so:

Overrides +: an indication of a defeasible priority relationship between Legal Rules.
OverridesStatement +: a statement of an Overrides.
This definition would read better if it was Override ( a noun) rather than Overrides ( a verb).

An alternative definition of Overrides could be: "an indication that a Legal Rules takes precedence over a second Legal Rule. The two Legal Rules are in a defeasible priority relationship".
Sounds pretty good to me. Possible perturbations to the wording (in order to get rid of the dreaded word "relationship"):

an indication that a Legal Rule takes precedence over another Legal Rule. The two Legal Rules are comparable with respect to defeasible priority.

This language suggests that defeasible priority is an order - I'm not sure if that is always reasonable. However, I believe that in standard Defeasible Logic, defeasible priority must be a (strict partial) order.

These definitions confirm (for me) that the Node name should be Override. We should be able to talk about "an Override", while "an Overrides" sounds funny. I'm thinking of the grocery store ("Checker #4 needs a manager for an override ...), or as in http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/override "an act or an instance of overriding").


All the best




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