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Subject: Re: [legalruleml] Groups - Event "LegalRuleML - TC meeting April 23th" added

All - sorry I was late and so scattered today- I'm really worn out from working on the RuleML 2014 paper.

My tasks from today's telecon:

[4/23/14 6:15:56 PM] Tara Athan: hasParaphrase: According to the schema, hasParaphrase can occur inside any RuleML Node element, including <ruleml:Rule> and formulas, such as <ruleml:And>.

However, we do have other formulas, such as Deontic Specifications, that are not in the LegalRuleML namespace. To be consistent, we should probably allow the hasParaphrase edge on them as well.

(Note for Adam: Deontic Specification should be a general concept, not in the Node elements list.)

[4/23/14 6:28:39 PM] Tara Athan: hasQualification: According to the schema, hasQualification can only occur inside a Statements element. It is not allowed in a Context.

However, I think that if we do want such an edge in Context, then the appropriate element would be called


that would be used in the same way that appliesSource, appliesTemporalCharacteristic, etc are used now.

Another important point is that an Override qualification is appropriately applied to a (collection of) Statements, not to a single statement. Normally a Context applies things to a Statement, or parts of that Statement. So if we want to have a Context for a (collection of ) Statements, then I think we need to either create a new edge


in Context, or make it more generic (dropping <toStatement>) and reuse the existing edge from Associations


BTW, a qualification may be any kind of assertion (ncluding RuleML formulas) not just an Override. So I think it is appropriate to allow qualifications of a (collection of) Statements, a Statement and parts of Statements.


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