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legalruleml message

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Subject: Please cast your OASIS organizational ballot for 3 XACML Profiles

Dear LegalRuleML members,

we would like to recommend to vote for XACML specifications currently up for coming an OASIS standard (see the email below).

The scope of LegalRuleML complements that of XACML for the reasoning over norms using (legal) rules. XACML successfully addresses the modelling of access control rules.

Monica Palmirani and Guido Governatori
(co-chairs of LegalRuleML OASIS TC)

--------  Messaggio Inoltrato --------
Oggetto: Please cast your OASIS organizational ballot for 3 XACML Profiles
Data: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 14:51:27 -0800
Mittente: Hal Lockhart <hal.lockhart@oracle.com>
A: Undisclosed recipients:;

I am writing to ask you to cast your organization's vote for the three XACML specifications currently up for a vote as OASIS Standards. For your convenience, I have included some information on the Profiles below.

Hal Lockhart

The links for the three ballots are:

MAP (Metadata Access Point) Authorization Profile


Intellectual Property Control (IPC) Profile


Export Compliance-US (EC-US) Profile


For those who may have forgotten, the OASIS XACML Standard defines syntax and semantics for a policy language for making access control decisions. These Profiles primarily define attribute names and values of use in making access control decisions pertaining to the subject of the profile. The Profiles have been developed by representatives of Vendor and User organizations with an interest in the subject area. The use of these profiles has been demonstrated at public events. The defined attribute values may also be useful metadata for access control using schemes other than XACML and for non-access control purposes.

The MAP Authorization Profile is a joint effort between OASIS and the Trusted Network Group (TNG). The TNG has defined a server called a Metadata Access Point, which is used to obtain Network Metadata. This profile defines attributes and their values useful for controlling access to MAP servers.

The Intellectual Property Control Profile defines attributes and values useful for controlling access to documents containing one or more kinds of intellectual property. It also defines policy Obligations, such as requiring encryption or watermarking. These attributes would typically be attached to a document as metadata and also be available for uses other than access control.

The Export Control - US Profile defines attributes and values suitable for access control relating to requirements from Export Control laws and regulations. This profile is defined to be suitable for the US environment. It is expected Profiles for other jurisdictions will developed later, using this profile as a starting point.

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