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Subject: Re: [legalruleml] A set of proposals to change the schemas - please vote

The proposals submitted by Tara called ( A ), ( B ) and ( C ) and connected Refinements C.1, C.2 and C.3 are approved by the LegalRuleML TC.

For this reason Tara is authorized by the LegalRuleML TC to integrate these modifications in the schemas.

Il 07/10/2015 22:05, Adrian Paschke ha scritto:

I agree on proposals ( A ), ( B ) and ( C ) and Refinements C.1, C.2 and C.3





On 7 October 2015 at 6:50:05 AM, Tara Athan (taraathan@gmail.com) wrote:

Please vote on ( A ), ( B ), ( C ) and the Refinements C.1, C.2, C.3 
individually, by email or skype chat. The procedure is approved by the 

PROPOSED ( A ): All skippable edges that currently are allowed to occur 
in leaf form (in the compact serialization) and have a unique child 
element in the non-empty version of their content model (in the 
normalized serialization) should be eliminated in the leaf form from the 
compact serialization (leaf form is already not allowed in the 
normalized serialization). These include (exact list may be different 
once the implementation is complete): 

hasTemplate (in Constitutive, Override, Penalty, Prescriptive, 
Reparation Statement) 

PROPOSED ( B ): The normalized serialization be modified to allow "leaf" 
edges in the same way they occur in the compact serialization, so there 
is no need to transform these leaf edges when converting between the 
compact and normalized serializations. For example: 

<filledBy keyref="#c1"/> 

is allowed in the compact serialization. As currently defined, this 
must be changed to 

<Actor keyref="#c1"/> 

in the normalized serialization. The proposal would mean the original 
would not need to be changed in the conversion to the normalized 
serialization. On the other hand, 

<Agent key="c1" keyref="#c0">...</Agent> 

in the compact serialization would still need to be converted to 
<Agent key="c1" keyref="#c0">...</Agent> 

Note: if proposal ( A ) is approved, then proposal ( B ) will apply to 
(much) fewer edges. This includes (exact list may be different once the 
implementation is complete) 

hasTemplate (in Factual Statement) 

Tara Athan: PROPOSED ( C ) 
Add two new elements <LegalReference> and <Source> 

The usage would be as follows: 
<LegalReference> and <LegalSource> are used only for the legal documents 
and fragments thereof, while <Reference> and <Source> are used for 
everything else. 

<...Reference> is used for non-IRI identifiers and <...Source> for IRI 

There is a corresponding change required to the Vocabulary. 

Refinements. (Dependent on Proposal ( C ). 
1. restrict xml:base to the root (keep it optional there) 
2. restrict values of keyref in lrml elements to the form "#..." 
3. restrict values of keyref in ruleml elements to the form ":..." 

Note that these latter two refinements mean that users *must* use the 
<...Reference> and <...Source> elements to define local identifiers for 
external identifiers if they want to refer to them using keyref. It also 
enforces the use of the default prefix for local CURIEs. 


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