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Subject: Re: [legalruleml] Revised Section 5

Il 02/11/2015 21:53, Tara Athan ha scritto:
On 11/2/15 2:24 PM, monica.palmirani wrote:
Il 02/11/2015 20:14, Tara Athan ha scritto:
On 11/2/15 2:00 PM, monica.palmirani wrote:
Dear all,

the LegalRuleML TC meeting will be postponed to tomorrow due to the fact that Guido is travelling today.
Thanks to Tara for the work. I will integrate it in the working draft.
However I would be happy to see an example of validation.
I don't understand. What do you mean by "see an example of validation"?
** Take a lrml file from the repository and make all the steps for checking the compliance according with the LegalRuleML conformance rules. To see what it means, in practice, to check if a lrml file is a LegalRuleML XML or it isn't.
Do you mean you want to see this, personally, or you want to put it in the standard?
** it is nice to see during the next LegalRuleML TC meeting how to correctly check an lrml file (practically) and in case to explain it in plain text into the documentation.

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