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legalruleml message

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Subject: metamodel property about link to LegalRuleML

Re: my homework assignment on linking RDF rendering to LegalRuleML/XML rendering

Option 1:
Considering the FRBR language, introduce a metamodel property


and then use an IRI appropriate to the _expression_ level.

This would require the following addition to the metamodel RDFS:
  <rdf:Property rdf:about="#hasLegalRuleMLXMLExpression">
    <rdfs:label>has LegalRuleML/XML _expression_</rdfs:label>
    <rdfs:comment>a LegalRulelML XML-based _expression_ of the LegalRuleML document.</rdfs:comment>
    <rdfs:domain rdf:resource="#LegalRuleMLDocument"/>

I am supposing that such a layered IRI system (with _expression_ and manifestation IRIs) will be used for LegalRuleML documents, but we haven't stated that anywhere.

Option 2:
Use such an IRI directly as the base IRI

<rdf:RDF xmlns="<_expression_-level IRI for the LegalRuleML document>#"
  xml:base="<_expression_-level IRI for the LegalRuleML document>">
  <lrmlmm:LegalRuleML rdf:ID="doc">
This would require no change to the metamodel RDFS.

In either case, based on this line of thought, I think that such a condition should be a SHOULD rather than a MUST, since it will depend on an identifier system which is not normative.


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