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Subject: TC reports for the Member Section meeting in New Orleans

The Member Section will meet in New Orleans at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, April 28.  The Steering Committee asks each Technical Committee chair (or co-chairs) to provide a one or two page report for the membership covering the following:


The TC’s goal(s)

Your recent activities

Your products

What you intend to accomplish during the next twelve months

What you need from the Member Section to accomplish your goal(s)


You may want to work with your Steering Committee representative in preparing this report.


Please send me the report in electronic form.


I will need to receive your report by the close of business, Friday, April 16th.  That gives you four weeks from today.  I intend to prepare a packet of reports for all Member Section TCs for the members attending the meeting.


Thank you for your help.


John M. Greacen

Greacen Associates, LLC

HCR 78, Box 23

Regina, New Mexico 87046


505-289-2163 (fax)

505-780-1450 (cell)


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