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legalxml-chairs message

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Subject: LegalXML Member Section fourth quarter 2005 report

Patrick – I attach the fourth quarter report, including our year end budget report and the approved budget for 2006.


Roger – Will you please post the report so that it is available to all members of the Member Section?  Thank you.


I note in the introduction that I do not recall being informed of the Board’s action on our proposed change to our ROP requiring TCs to adopt the Royalty Free on Limited Terms OASIS IPR mode.  Have I simply forgotten the resolution of that matter, or has no action been taken?


This will be my last quarterly report.  It has been an honor to serve as chair of the LegalXML Member Section for the past two years and to work with you and the OASIS Board in that capacity.  I am confident that John Messing will perform admirably as my successor.


John M. Greacen

Greacen Associates, LLC

HCR 78 Box 23

Regina, New Mexico 87046


505-289-2163 (fax)

505-780-1450 (cell)



4th quarter report 2005.doc

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