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Subject: Re: [legalxml-comment] RE: [legalxml-odr-discuss] odrXML - StartingPoint?


I passed your message on to the German LEXML and the RDF Dictionary 
mailinglists. It is an interesting comparison, which also raises interesting 
questions about the data model for standardisation in an international 


Am Donnerstag, 29. August 2002 18:32 schrieb jkeane:
> Rolly Chambers (who is now co-chairing the eFiling committee of the ABA
> Science & Technology Section with fellow LegalXML stalwart, John Messing)
> asked if anyone was familiar enough the  OdrXML draft standard 1.0 to
> determine if that work was a good starting place for this proposed OdrXML
> Technical Committee.
> I'm cross posting this response to the general list as we all need to
> become aware of this important effort in Europe. We also need to look at
> the methodology and work product of some XML devotees who have been working
> in parallel with us but without any apparent cross-overs.
> After studying their data model and scheme, let me offer some observations
> from my notes - which are a work in progress.   

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