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Subject: LEXML meeting, XML Europe 2003, London on Wednesday, 7 Mai 2003 19:00 hours

The tradition continues: like 2001 in Berlin and 2002 in Barcelona, LEXML 
will meet in London during the XML Europe 2003 conference . A thorough survey 
performed by Roger Horne, barrister at Lincoln's Inn, has lead us to  the 
best place to meet: the pub "Mad Bishop and Bear" in Paddington Station, 
London, further described at  
http://grault.net/cgi-bin/grubstreet.pl?Mad_Bishop_And_Bear,_W2 . A formal 
address does not exist, just go into the station and you will find it on the 
"Upper Concourse". We will meet on 

Wednesdaynight 7 May 2003 (in two days already!)

Anyone attending XML Europe(5-8 May, London, www.xmleurope.com, Cecilia 
Magnusson of LEXML Sweden chairing the legal track on Tuesday, undersigned 
launching LEXDATA.com on Thursday) and anyone else who just happens to be in 
London, is welcome to join the party.

Murk Muller

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