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Around for some time already, a formal announcement deserve LEXML Italy 
and LEXML Spain, the latest nodes in the LEXML Network.

*LEXML Italy* (www.lexml.it) is the initiative of CIRSFID, Research 
Centre of History of Law, Philosophy and Sociology of Law and Computer 
Science and Law at the University of Bologna. LEXML Italy includes also 
CNIPA (National Center of Information Technology for the Public 
Administration www.cnipa.it), FTI (Forum of Information Technology - 
www.forumti.it) and ITTIG (Institute of Legal Information Theory and 
Techniques www.ittig.cnr.it) which are leading institutes for the 
application of XML in the legal field. In particular CNIPA is the 
project manager of "NormeInRete" project that has defined Italian 
national standards for marking-up legislative document in XML 
(www.normeinrete.it). CIRSFID and ITTIG are members of the "NormeInRete” 
project as well, promoting the XML national standards applications 
within public administrations. Furthermore they foster research in the 
legal XML domain, and create models and techniques for representing the 
knowledge in legal documents. FTI develops strategies for information 
and communication technologies, analysis of industrial, commercial and 
social fall-outs of new technologies, in particular in the Net Economy 

*LEXML Spain* (www.uv.es/lexml) is the initiative of María José Vañó 
Vañó, Law Professor at the University of Valencia . Spain is leading in 
the field of datastructuring of European corporate law. Professor 
Vaño-Vaño’s field of research is focussed on electronic Corporate 
Governance, Transparency, minority rights, disclosure obligations, and 
electronic meeting. She participates in XBRL Spain as a juridical 
consultant for the standardization of financial and legal corporate 
documents using XML/XBRL. Spain is also leading in Europe in 
implementing XML in public finance through the Spanish Central Bank and 
the Securities Exchange Commision.

New is *LEXMLWiki*  (http://aufderheide.info/lexmlwiki/ and accessible 
via most of the national LEXML websites). LEXMLWiki is a means of 
communication of the LEXML Community in addition to the existing 
websites and mailinglists. The essence of a Wiki (like 
www.wikipedia.org) is that anyone can change the content of the Wiki 
website. Nobody is the sole master of what he or she writes. Everything 
you write can and will be changed by others. At the start it seems 
scary, in the end it turns out to be a blessing. LEXMLWiki will be a 
dynamic source of knowledge about XML in the legal field. The starting 
language is English. LEXMLWikis in other languages are hosted as well. 
LEXMLWiki has been set up by Gerrit Aufderheide, with the help of Bjoern 
Benz and Adriaan Bloem (LEXML Netherlands). Gerrit is the administrator 
of LEXMLWiki. Everyone is invited to contribute to LEXMLWiki.

Monica Palmirani, LEXML Italy  www.lexml.it

María José Vañó Vañó, LEXML Spain  www.uv.es/lexml/

Murk Muller, LEXML Germany  www.lexml.de

Gerrit Aufderheide, LEXML Germany  http://aufderheide.info/lexmlwiki/

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