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Subject: Legal-RDF Announcement

Hello Legal XML!

I want to let you know about Legal-RDF (http://www.legal-rdf.org). It's a new
organization that has placed the Washington State Constitution and the Revised
Code of Washington onto the Semantic Web. We are now prepared to annotate the
text of this material with keywords from ten Legal-RDF ontologies, comprising
several thousand keywords; these keywords allow law offices and law schools to
use "reasoning" software in their practice. Reasoning software and
advanced-search tools hold great promise to transform the legal and para-legal
industries as surely as HTML transformed commerce.

A draft of the paper "Tagging Legal Text" is at
http://www.hypergrove.com/legalrdf.org/LegalMarkup.html. It's somewhat technical
but you'll still enjoy seeing what the Semantic Web is all about.... it's about
marking up narrative documents.

Please feel free to contact me about participating in this effort. I apologize
for the cross-postings -- I'm not sure which lists are active these days.


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