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Subject: [legalxml-courtfiling-cms-api] QnR and QnR-Policy

I have taken another swipe at the Query And Response documents.

I have attached two documents:

 <<QueryAndResponseStandardDraft2002_10_22.doc>>  The first document is the
current Query And Response Draft.  It does not differ significantly from one
I posted a week or so ago.. although I have corrected some typos that I
found.  The document STILL contains a section that will need to be
re-written depending on the outcome of our import discussion (should
CourtFiling import QnR.. or QnR import CourtFiling)?  The document still
needs final editing by Roger Winters.

 <<QueryAndResponsePolicyProposal2002_10_22.doc>> The second document is a
Proposal for Query and Response *Policy*.  It is material that was extracted
from the previous version of the Query and Response standard.  At Boston, we
decided this policy material was a bit premature since the policy
requirements, themselves, have not been established.  We chose to segregate
the QnR Policy from the primary QnR material.  I have chosen to refer to
this extracted document as a 'proposal' since it is still a bit early to
call it a 'draft'.  (Maybe another term is more appropriate?)

What to do?
The Query and Response Standard, is a work product that we are attempting to
approve and deliver.  It is most important that it be reviewed and any
objections be recorded.

The Query and Response Policy is, at this time, food for thought - an
example of what a working QnR policy system might look like.  At this time,
it does not need 'approval' but, of course, comments are welcome.

- Shane Durham
LexisNexis CourtLink

Attachment: QueryAndResponseStandardDraft2002_10_22.doc
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Attachment: QueryAndResponsePolicyProposal2002_10_22.doc
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