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Subject: LegalXML Electronic Court Filing 4.01 feedback - The Filing-Preparation-to-Docketing Process Model

Hello ECF TC,


The diagram (Figure 4 in the attached) of the sequence of operations in the “Filing-Preparation-to-Docketing Process Model” appears to indicate the Filing Assembly MDE submits a filing (ReviewFiling) for review to the Filing Review MDE and at the same time submits the filing (ServeFiling) to the Legal Service MDE. 


A question has arisen related to the service of a filing and whether or not this would occur at the same time as submitted for review or whether it should only occur following the court acceptance (NotifyReviewFilingComplete).  There appears to be some instances where the filing can be served prior to court acceptance but from what I’m told the vast majority of filings would require court acceptance prior to service. 


Should the diagram be updated to reflect service occurring following court acceptance ??


Best Regards,




Edmund Herbert
Information Technology Services Office

Judicial Council of California - Administrative Office of the Courts

455 Golden Gate Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94102-3688

Office 415-865-5336, Cell 415-624-7652, Edmund.Herbert@jud.ca.gov



"Serving the courts for the benefit of all Californians"




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