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legalxml-courtfiling-comment message

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Subject: Modeling support for OASIS LegalXML

As OASIS LegalXML is evolved, extended or implemented consider that advantages of doing so based on higher level logical models. The NIEM-UML standard now provides for a logical representation of NIEM concepts that can automatically produce and round-trip NIEM-XML specifications, such as LegalXML. Since LegalXML is already NIEM 2.0 conformant, this specification can be loaded directly into NIEM-UML tools. This provides for a model that is more stakeholder friendly, easier to evolve and able to be connected to other layers of the information sharing life-cycle such as requirements, services, processes and policies. 


More information of NIEM-UML can be found at: www.niem-uml.org


Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or comments.



Cory Casanave

CEO, Model Driven Solutions (www.modeldriven.com)

BoD, Object Management Group (www.omg.org)



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