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Subject: Re: [legalxml-courtfiling-policy] RE: [legalxml-courtfiling] Deadlinefor Comments - Court Filing P olicy Requirements Document

Don and Everybody,
I do not routinely post documents to the Electronic Court Filing Technical
Committee OASIS website until I am specifically asked to do so.  In my
mind, this keeps us from too much confusion on what is "ready for prime
time" and what isn't.  I am interpreting Don's message as a request to
post, which I will submit to OASIS today. Subcommittee and Committee chairs
and document authors, please note.  Unless we choose to establish an
internal TC policy on when documents should be automatically submitted to
the web site, I plan to continue in this manner.  Is this is a significant
issue, perhaps it should be addressed at the upcoming meeting.

Humbly awaiting your direction,


Robin Gibson
Information Technology Division
Office of State Courts Administrator

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                    09/17/2002 08:55 AM          Subject:     [legalxml-courtfiling-policy] RE: [legalxml-courtfiling]     
                                                  Deadline for Comments - Court Filing P     olicy Requirements Document   

John & OASIS LegalXML Community,

I could not find it on the list or on the WEBSITE. Attached is the Court
Policy Requirements Document. Given this event I propose an extension of
comment period to end of day Wednesday, September 25th. I will moderate the
discussion through that time and prepare a final document for action at the
meeting if consensus is in place or a draft to bring it to closure.

I would ask that comments and discussions take place on the Court Filing
Policy Court Filing Policy List.



-----Original Message-----
From: John M. Greacen [mailto:john@greacen.net]
Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2002 10:03 AM
To: Court Filing List
Subject: [legalxml-courtfiling] Deadline for Comments - Court Filing
Policy Requirements Document

Some time ago, Don Bergeron posted a revised requirements document for
Court Filing Policy.  I have not seen any comments on that document on
the list.  Please review it and post your comments and reactions by the
close of business on Friday, September 20th.  Thanks.

John M. Greacen
Greacen Associates, LLC.
18 Fairly Road
Santa Fe, NM  87507

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(See attached file: CourtPolicy20020715.doc)

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