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legalxml-courtfiling-processmodels message

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Subject: [legalxml-courtfiling-processmodels] EFiling Process ModelsSubcommittee

As you have probably seen from John Greacen's summary of the Las Vegas
meeting, the CMS-API subcommittee has undergone a transformation. It is now
the EFiling Process Models subcommittee. I am tasked with composing the
first draft of the statement of work for the subcommittee and disseminating
it prior to the January 6th conference call, but I wanted to take this
opportunity to give you an idea of what the committee's objectives are and
to encourge participation among those interested.

In a nutshell, the committee felt that we needed to get a better
understanding of the various conceptual process models for electronic filing
that exist in the community, document those models and compare them for
commonalities and differences. Through this process we will be seeking to
identify the intersection points among the various models and to evaluate
those points as candidates for APIs to be defined in subsequent work.

The focus of this work is not technical. It is process oriented. As such,
the input and assistance of non-technical practitioners is crucial. The more
we get, the more likely we will be to succeed. I therefore strongly encourge
those who have a vision for what the business process flow (or flows) of
electronic filing should look like to join us in this effort.

Dwight R. Daniels | Manager | BearingPoint | Costa Mesa, CA
Office +1.714.957.4835 | Project +1.714.568.5697 | Mobile +1.805.990.9994

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