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Subject: [legalxml-courtfiling-processmodels] RE: [legalxml-courtfiling]RESPONSE DUE 1-10-03 E-Filing Process Models Subcommittee Draft Statement ofWork

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I concur with the description of the statement of work for the E-Filing Process Models subcommittee.  While it might not have been necessary to provide public support, since in our standard TC processes "silence is agreement", I feel that it is important to note that the SOW focuses on documentation of conceptual models for e-filing.  I think it is important for this subcommittee to focus on this high-level task first before getting into some of the detailed discussions about how the various models might be implemented physically.
I am hopeful that an author (or authors) can be identified for this work.  Unfortunately, I cannot myself commit the time to volunteer for this task as a lead or primary author.  However, I will commit to providing input to the business process models, including all documentation that we currently have on the topic relating to what we are planning for our court, and to help with composition of textual descriptions that will accompany diagrams.  Please list me in the document as "committed to participate in this work."
Catherine Krause
E-Filing Project Manager
King County Department of Judicial Administration
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From: John Greacen [mailto:john@greacen.net]
Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2003 9:53 PM
To: 'Electronic Court Filing Technical Committee'
Subject: [legalxml-courtfiling] RESPONSE DUE 1-10-03 E-Filing Process Models Subcommittee Draft Statement of Work




I attach Dwight Daniels' draft statement of work for the new E-Filing Process Models Subcommittee.  In light of our resolve to move quickly to complete this subcommittee's work, I am establishing a five day comment period.  Please post your comments on the list.


I apologize for leaving off the attachment.





John M. Greacen

Greacen Associates, LLC

HCR 78, Box 23

Regina, New Mexico 87046


505-780-1450 (cell)


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