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Subject: [legalxml-courtfiling-processmodels] JIEM Project Report and ProcessDescription Concepts

Tom Clarke was kind enough to forward to me the URL to the Justice Information Exchange Model report which contains the process description concepts discussed in today's meeting. Tom explained:


"The SEARCH website link is www.search.org/integration/pdf/JIEM.pdf.  The document is the Final Project Report, entitle, "Developing the Justice Information Exchange Model."  Although the complete document is quite long (about 170 pages), the relevant section (Section II) on process description concepts is quite short (about 10 pages).  The concepts are very generic and the business processes described using them will translate easily into the appropriate UML diagrams when Dwight gets to the iteration that documents the business processes in use cases."


I hope this is useful for us all.






Roger Winters

Electronic Court Records Manager

King County
Department of Judicial Administration

516 Third Avenue, E-609 MS: KCC-JA-0609

Seattle, Washington 98104

V: (206) 296-7838 F: (206) 296-0906



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