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Subject: SHA256 hash for documents

Greeting TC members.


In follow-up tasks out of our face-to-face last week, I propose a slight adjustment to the following within the ECF 5 specification.  Problem at hand: Within the Tyler implementation, the FRMDE is responsible for document stamping, therefore the CRMDE does not pass documents back to our EFM.  Hence, no need for a document hash below.




The Court Record MDE MUST invoke the NotifyDocketingComplete operation on the Filing Review MDE that invoked a RecordDocketing operation as a callback message to indicate whether the filing was accepted or rejected by the court record system.  If the Court Record MDE rejected the filing, an explanation MUST be provided.  If the Court Record MDE accepts the filing, the docketing information (e.g. date and time the document was entered into the court record, judge assigned, document identifiers,  nc:DocumentFileControlID, and next court event scheduled) MUST be provided.  The operation MAY return the docketed documents or links to the documents.  If either is returned then it MUST also include the [FIPS 180-2] SHA 256 document hash.  The Filing Review MDE responds synchronously with an cbrn:MessageStatus to acknowledge the callback message.






Philip Baughman
Senior Software Engineering Manager, eSolutions
Tyler Technologies, Inc. 

P: 972.713.3770 ext: 113406



Tyler Technologies

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