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legalxml-econtracts-comment message

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Subject: Comments regarding LegalXML contract draft

Overall the contracts XML approach you are presenting appears sound.  Your
use of RELAX NG is excellent choice given your extension requirements and
lax structure permutations.  Also the simple XML unencumbered by namespace
clutter is refreshing and a strong choice for simpler implementation and
less handling and deployment issues.


I would offer some additional thoughts however to compliment / enhance what
you have developed so far.


1)      The address format - please consider offering an alternate
international address format based on the new CIQ v3.0 address template

2)      Creating templates and extensions to augment your existing schemas -
provide runtime support - the OASIS CAM toolset looks well suited to provide
validation services that support lax structures and content validation.
This would overcome the restrictions you are facing with Relax NG and XSD
right now - because CAM works without depending on either of these being
present.  Essentially any well formed XML can be validated with a CAM
template and checked to conform to your specification.   The open source
jCAM implementation is available to support this from http://www.jcam.org.uk
; this could be deployed as a hosted contract validation micro-service

3)      Using CAM templates <include> mechanism and the context mechanism -
you could have rule-based structures for address and contract details based
on role, intent and localization needs.  External context variables can be
declared as the means to drive this.

4)      Lookup() lists and discreet values - the CAM specification also
allows you to declare and reference external validation lookup lists.

5)       You could develop extensions to the base jCAM engine to support
digital signatures, certificates and other artifacts.


I hope these provide additional opportunities to compliment and enhance your
existing solid foundation.


The CAM and CIQ TC members would be happy to provide assistance in exploring
these areas.


Thanks, DW

Chair OASIS CAM TC; member CIQ TC.

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